„People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.“

Seth Godin

Are you looking for new ideas to effectively market your business and stand out? Are your competitors always one step ahead of you? Are you too busy to develop unique content to tell your authentic story?

We deliver emotional storytelling packages that combine pictures, films or text and are designed around your specific needs and objectives. We make it easy by taking a holistic approach to storytelling and accompanying you from start to finish to ensure your story reaches the people you want it to reach.

Development of storytelling concept and holistic advice

Implementation of the concept through photography and film

Implementation of concept through words and stories

Recommendation on the communication mix, online and offline

Our team of experts have developed various emotional storytelling packages for you. Components of our storytelling packages can be performed individually too. For example, if you already have an image concept, we can produce the images and films to match your concept.

Consulting & Concept

Holistic advice tailored to your individual needs

Development of your emotional storytelling concept

Project management throughout the collaboration

If desired / required: strategy workshop

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Photography & Film

Implementation of the concept through photography and film

Everything from a single source - from production, including styling and props, to post-production, image processing, sound and editing.

Expert Photography: interior, still life, food and drinks, architecture, portraits, drone shots

Expert Film: short films, stop motion films

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Text & Stories

Implementation of the concept through text and story

Your unique story: we refine your storytelling and identify the main message and keywords

Short stories: we create short stories with photos and film which can be used for all forms of media (social media, newsletter, website, etc.)

Recommendations for distribution channels: we will advise you on how you can best optimize the publishing of your story across media channels, tailored to your customers and guests

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Emotional storytelling: efficient, creative and uncomplicated.

Piquant Packages

Do you need a new story, images and content for the entire hotel or specifically for an event? Depending on your needs, we have put together a number of packages, each containing a combination of concept, images, moving images and films. We will be happy to send you further details directly on request.

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Newcomer Package
from CHF 2'500

Newcomer Packages You will receive 10 pictures with a small storytelling concept.

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Starter Package
from CHF 4'900

You receive a storytelling concept, 20 pictures and 2 moving pictures.

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Premium Package
from CHF 9'400

You will receive a storytelling concept, 40 pictures, 2 moving pictures and a cinemagraph.

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Deluxe Package
from CHF 15'000

We provide all your photography and film needs under one roof - from production to styling and props, post-production, image processing, music and editing

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Moving-Pictures Package Deluxe
from CHF 7'900

Want to bring movement into your company? Then you have come to the right place with our Moving Pictures Deluxe Package. You will receive a moving storytelling concept, 4 moving images, 2 creative cinemagraphs and 1 film of approx. 1 min.

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Moving-Pictures Package Basic
from CHF 3'550

Do you already have good picture material and would like to add moving pictures to it? With our Moving Pictures Basic Package you get a suitable storytelling concept, 4 moving pictures and 2 cinemagraphs.

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Why Emotional Storytelling?

"Whoever tells stories rules the world."


A unique history remains in memory. We're not the only ones who say this, because research has shown that stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts and figures alone.

Why? Our neural activity increases 5-fold when we listen to a story. Storytelling stimulates the sensory cortex in the brain and enables the listener to feel, hear, taste and even smell the story.

A unique story will be remembered. And we’re not just saying that: research has shown that stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts and figures alone. How so? Our neural activity increases 5 times when we listen to a story. Storytelling stimulates the sensory cortex in the brain and enables the listener to feel, hear, taste, and even smell the story.

Emotional Storytelling: efficient, creative and uncomplicated. Contact us now for more information and for a no-obligation initial consultation.